“I want someone to look at me the way I look at coffee.”


Locally Sourced And Sustainable

Using local suppliers is important to us, from the beer we serve down to the crisps we sell – we try and source our produce as local as possible. All of the bod cafe bars use local companies in Staffordshire and the surrounding area to source their products including: Titanic Brewery, Freshview Foods, Chartley Coffee, and Just Crisps.

Here at bod, we are very conscious about sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible. This is an ongoing quest for us but so far we have ensured;

  • We only use biodegradable straws disposed of correctly with our kitchen waste
  • Our take-out cups are fully recyclable – including the lids!
  • We offer reusable travel cups available to purchase in all bods – with the first fill FREE! After that we provide a 50p discount on all the hot drinks you buy when using your travel cup
  • We don’t sell any products in plastic bottles – all our cold drinks are in glass bottles, cans or cartons
  • We use brown paper recycled bags for your takeaway items from any bod outlet
  • We use wooden stirrers for all takeaway hot drinks
  • We offer our coffee grounds to customers for garden composting
  • Our rubbish collection supplier is committed to zero landfill
  • We continue to look at ways we can operate in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

We also prioritise local suppliers who share are passion for sustainability. For example;

Titanic Brewery 

  • Make their beer using traditional brewing methods. For example, they recover and reuse all their own yeast. They repair their own casks/kegs. They offset their energy requirements with solar panels. All their lighting is LED. They hate waste.

Just Crisps 

  • Produce 100% British crisps using oil and potatoes produced on their own farm in Staffordshire. They have their own sustainable water source and solar panels so have a very low carbon footprint. All their waste is sent off as biofuel.

Freshview Foods

  • Are passionate about their local communities supporting a number of local hospices and food banks. They have a rainwater harvesting program and all food waste becomes biofuel.

Chartley Coffee

  • Chartley Coffee are a local family business based in Stafford. They provide a unique coffee blend for bod café bars. Its hand roasted and packed on site. The result is great coffee supplied with a really low carbon footprint